Comment 20 for bug 119730

pinepain (pinepain) wrote :

rtfm. copying a lot of small files takes more time than copying large with the same size. ntfs? its a stone age, use ext or raiser. also notice that copyng to /dev/null is different than copying to hdd or other media. btw, it's very interesting you don't have hdd options in bios. do u have the latest BIOS version? if no try to update it.

oh, one more fun thing. IIRC, there are pure SATA and emulation SATA via IDE on old MB =). also there are primary and secondary SATA connectors, try both of them, it may helps, i hope,

ps: maybe there are some jumpers to set io mode or sata1-sata2 ? but i'm not pro in such thing as hdd so it just IMHO