Comment 146 for bug 119730

Charles Whittle (napau) wrote :

Howdy! I tried enabling the proposed ubuntu repositories, downloaded and installed all updates; no joy.
Even rebooted computer and did clean remount of external drives. Currently getting a transfer speed
of 70.5 kbs. Have observed that if I cut and paste just a few folders the speed will rise to about 1.2 Mbs.
I am trying to move a large folder that contains around 9,000 folders with about 1.5 million files; total size
is approximately 40 gigabytes. Takes over an hour just to start moving files and the speed is at first
only 100 bytes per second and gradually increases as the number of files left to be moved decreases.
If I move around 1,000 files the move also begins slowly and then speeds up, but never faster than 1.2 Mbs.
I am running Karmic Koala, but have had this problem since Hearty Heron. If someone would be kind
enough to give me the commands I will send additional system information. My computer is a Dell
Optiplex 280 . Thanks!