Comment 11 for bug 1190295

Steve Conklin (sconklin) wrote :

It's possible that the patches which were linked are not related. They're not in the delta between the two versions which are listed.

Here are some questions to try to narrow down the field of potential issues.

1. You mention that this occurs on various upgrades, could you confirm that these
would be various different kernel versions over time, and not ONLY on the 46 to 47 update?

2. Have you seen this when doing any other reboots (not after system updates)?
(such as might occur if this was a boot race - which could only shows up because the first boot after an update performs additional operations)

3. When this occurs you mention that you see the 'M' for manual recovery, do you also see the MD "degraded raid" prompt and if so how do you respond?

4. On taking the 'M' that option LVM slices are missing which are served from the RAID, can you provide the following information for missing LVs (backed by md0):

  A) are the device links in /dev/<vgname>/<lvname> present?
  B) are the LVs listed in the output of 'lvs' and what are their state?
  C) are the volumes present in the 'dmsetup ls' output?
  D) are the PVs which are backed by md0 present in 'pvs' and what are their state?
  E) what is the actual state of md0 as show in 'cat /proc/mdstat'?