Comment 7 for bug 1101292

On Fri, Mar 08, 2013 at 05:30:17PM -0000, Dave Chiluk wrote:
> I have verified this null-termination occurs in quantal even with a
> precise nfsv4 server with no security set. I have also verified that
> this is still the same in raring, and appears to be be maintained in
> upstream. I read through the RFC, and it does not appear to be
> incorrect in reference to the protocol *(as far as I read it).

I didn't find a definitive answer for that in the RFC, but to me it makes
no sense to null-terminate a string if the length is given, especially
when the length includes the null-byte. But let's see what the experts

> Just in case Rolf Anders, can you please attach a tcpdump of a single
> run of chown or chgrp?


Thank you