Comment 71 for bug 1073433

Bernd Schubert (aakef) wrote :

Well, network usually does not break by killing dhclient, at least not if the lease does not expire just in this second. If we ignore this race, probably only modem processes are left. But these are not even considered by the add_sendsigs_omissions.patch. The patch only touches nm-dhcp-dhclient.c, nm-dhcp-dhcpcd.c, nm-dns-bind.c and nm-dns-dnsmasq.c. Except for the lease/shutdown race none of these should be required for anything that is already mounted - the kernel nfs client already knows the IP of the server.
If we don't want to ignore the lease race and we don't trust NM to kill sub-processes we need a to run killall5 a 2nd time and this time it only must ignore fuse processes. However, if the root file system or /etc or /var are on NFS, we cannot fix this race at all and have to leave it to the admin to provide sufficiently long leases.