Comment 66 for bug 1073433

Sandor Rozsa (gsrozsa) wrote :

Yes, you are right, Francisco, I didn't uncheck the all users option. I am glad it helped. I hope others with this problem will also find this page and solve this problem this way.
I don't know if an update to the kernel or any part of the system config will break this. Previously I had root filesystem problems, that was fixed by some killall commands ( I don't remeber the site, that suggested it) and I thought the problem is gone, but a few days later it started to do home corruptions, so I searched for this symptom again, and found this bug.
Since Linux has a command for everything, I thought there must be one for disabling network through Networkmanager. I like Networkmanager, so I didn't want to disable it (I travel with my laptop and use wireless connection, so this is convenient.), but this command is perfectly does its job.