Comment 21 for bug 1073433

I'm facing the same problem. Then I've read that by disabling networking before turning off the computer the problem disappears, however, after two days of turning turning off networking service and everything working fine, I've ran in the same issue, even having disabled networking.

I am using gnome-shell and I don't have a button to disable networking but I switch the service off instead
sudo service networking stop
right before shutting down the system.

several errors appear when I stop the networking service:

1-gnome-shell crashes and I lose the window borders including buttons to close them.
2-Also the top bar disappears and hence I need to stop the machine by
sudo shutdown now.

this process fails when trying to stop services and logs me in into a root terminal.
to stop the machine I have to

reboot now

and turn off the machine manually when in starts.

It is becoming urgent to solve that issue as every 2 days I need to boot with a usb drive and force a superblock correction using that tutorial.

I've been using Ubuntu since 7.04 and I am at one step to completely switch to another O.S. I cannot work with so much problems.