Comment 156 for bug 1073433

Excerpts from Bernd's message of 2014-01-05 21:37:21 UTC:
> due the respawn of some processes i think they are (re)started again even on shutdown
> so they are running if the / is remounted readonly
> and that is why it fails
> i think upstart should insure that all processes are killed (also the
> respawning) at the moment we mount / readonly on halt or reboot
> my workaround(dirty hack) in the moment
> is adding a killall5 -9 just before line 86 of /etc/rc6/umountroot
> that works for me and gives no fsck's on my next (re)boots
> conclusion for me it's not an NM or Kernel failure
> its just a wrong way the shutdown procedure is handled by mixing upstart and sysv initscripts

If you kill everything then the plymouth screen will go away, NFS rootmay
fail, etc. There are other reasons it works the way it does. What is
needed is a better mechanism to notify the user of what is going on and
help them deal with it, and to also report those situations as bugs so
we can deal with them.