Comment 152 for bug 1073433

Excerpts from Alexander's message of 2013-10-25 05:39:16 UTC:
> Guys, come on!
> What the heck network-manager and network connections are you talking about?!
> This really pissed me off already!
> As I've said earlier, the problem is NOT in network-manager!
> because it appears even when network-manager is not installed.
> I can assume (or even be sure), that network-manager HAVE some bug(s) associated with this problem, but the main cause - it's not a network-manager. And I'm sure it's in upstart. Believe me, I've spent a lot of time trying to debug this problem...
> You can see my comments (and debug logs) about this problem above.
> That was the boiling point.
> I've moved to Debian.

Alexander I was mistaken is all. Good luck in the future, and please
come back when you have helpful constructive comments.

(BTW the log files that are open are being held open not by upstart
directly, but by processes that are refusing to die and thus refusing to
close their stdout. Upstart would be in error if it were to just close
these log files while the process is still wanting to write to them.)