Comment 129 for bug 1073433

On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 04:21:12PM -0000, Max wrote:

>> 'ps uw' only shows processes belonging to the current user.

> Unless PID is specified

Oops, true. So the process is definitely not running.

> > Also, please file a bug report against the ureadahead package
> > for this package, and post the number of the new bug here.

> I would rather file a bug against upstart.

As the developer, I am asking you to file a bug against ureadahead.

> Ureadahead does his job and exits with status 4 or 5
> depending either absent pack file or mainline kernel is running.
> Init on the other hand does not close the log file for some reason.

Because ureadahead is not behaving correctly under upstart, and somehow
manages to cause upstart to not notice that the process has exited.