Comment 110 for bug 1073433

Ernie 07 (ernestboyd) wrote :

Another data set:

1. AT&T is my ISP. My Desktop connects to a DSL modem via Ethernet.
2. There seems to be some keepalive traffic. A packet of 64 or 121 bytes gets sent or received about every 10 seconds. This activity appears to happen in 12.04 which functions correctly and in 13.04 which fails 100% of the time.
3. Shutting down in this state (Enable Networking checked but NO explicit Internet activity) will result in an error every time.
4. The connection will drop if I unplug the Ethernet cable. In that state I can reboot with NO errors.

Since I can manually force the connection to drop by either unplugging the Ethernet cable or unchecking Enable Networking, shouldn't the network manager also drop the Ethernet connection when a restart/reboot/shutdown is requested?

I pose the question because the failure will never occur if the network connection has been dropped. Perhaps the keepalive traffic is not being forcibly killed.