Comment 106 for bug 1073433

Alexander (lxandr) wrote :

Something really going wrong here.
Today's morning I've found reaaally something new! I'm seeing this for the first time ever. I've tried to halt the system (not poweroff as usually):

 * Unmounting temporary filesystems...
umount: /tmp/auto6FJPRq (deleted): not found
umount: /tmp: device busy.
EXT4-fs (sdb2): re-mount. Opts: (null)
System halted.

What's wrong with /tmp now?!

All these Ubuntu bugs are beginning to drive me insane.
My own conclusion: init/upstart is totally screwed up!
Filesystem corruption is unacceptable! For _ANY_ operating system!

Ubuntu? On desktop? In production?!
Are you kidding me?!
Of course, no! Never!!

It's sad, but Ubuntu is suitable only for 'eye-candies' ("свистоперделки" in russian). No more. Not for work.