Comment 100 for bug 1073433

sghpunk (sgh-mail) wrote :

I just want to say about my expirience here. Maybe it adds some useful details to understanding what's going on.
Ubuntu = 12.04 amd64
kernel = 3.5.0-22-generic.
rootfs = btrfs
Sometimes I was able to see that / is busy before halt. Especially when my torrent client is seeding/leeching much torrents from/to another partition on another USB drive, and before shutdown I don't stop torrents.
Because I have no time to debug this issue. I just installed kernel from with BFS shedulers from Con Kolivas.
And bug disappears like a charm.
So. My point is: This issue is more like kernel issue, not init scripts. And maybe it is related to old good
I don't know, maybe I'm wrong.