Comment 5 for bug 1053290

DRM_AST appears to be marked EXPERIMENTAL. As such, lets disable it for now in Quantal as it appears to be problematic.

config DRM_AST
        tristate "AST server chips"
        depends on DRM && PCI && EXPERIMENTAL
        select DRM_TTM
        select FB_SYS_COPYAREA
        select FB_SYS_FILLRECT
        select FB_SYS_IMAGEBLIT
        select DRM_KMS_HELPER
        select DRM_TTM
         Say yes for experimental AST GPU driver. Do not enable
         this driver without having a working -modesetting,
         and a version of AST that knows to fail if KMS
         is bound to the driver. These GPUs are commonly found
         in server chipsets.