Comment 7 for bug 1039143

I noticed that this is strictly a USB3 issue. I had a MacBook Pro (USB2 only), and this particular Logitech Trackman with Unifying Receiver worked just perfectly on 12.04 and early builds of Quantal.

Then I moved to a Dell XPS (USB3 only) and it started to fail.

Then I moved to my current ASUS G75 (USB3 only) and both 12.04 (that I fell back to for other reasons) and now again Quantal, all the way up to beta1, have issues with recognizing the Logitech device.

As a side note, an older, WIRED Logitech Trackman of mine works perfectly fine on USB3, regardless of 12.04 or Quantal.

From what I can tell this issues is really with USB3 and the Logitech Unifying Receiver.