Comment 23 for bug 1039143

Rainer Rohde, thank you for quickly responding to my request. Regarding your comments :
>"As a non-developer, but rather a Ubuntu power-user, I think I am unable to do this bisect by myself. I had encountered a bug in the past that required a bisect as well, and the person who was subscribed to that bug did provide the kernel builds I needed to test. This was a rather long process and I was glad I was able to help here, but I was happy I wasn't doing this all alone."

As a fellow non-developer, power-user, bisecting can, at first, seem daunting. However, since you can install and boot into different kernels, you certainly have skill, having done maneuvers of the bisection process already.

Before one does the commit bisection, which tends to be the most challenging, one has narrow down the kernel versions to a particular release (ex. Lucid). As we have a wide range from Lucid to Precise, one could do the pre-commit bisection following . Is this something you could try?

If you feel up to trying it anyways with help from the Ubuntu Community, you are welcome to do this via support from the Ubuntu Kernel Team .

>"In fact, this should not be left to the end-user to begin with."

The above mentioned request was never left to an end-user. You were only asked if you could try to do it, not required to, in order to speed up the time it takes to get the bug fixed. If you cannot, then one will have to wait.