Comment 9 for bug 1029865

The problem is that if the computer boots up and shows the login screen the login screen appears with 1024x768 resolution and not with the monitor's native 1920x1080. The driver is actually the intel driver (no fallback to VESA). After login I can correct thedisplay to 1920x1080 with the "Displays" section of the System Settings and this persists when I log out an log in again, only the login screen and the desktop of every new user stays 1024x768.

The problem seems that there are more than the two (HDMI and DisplayPort) displays reported by the driver, according to the xrandr output. Especially there is a "VGA1" display always considered as connected and with max resolution of 1024x768. This seems to somehow determine the default resolution, probably because the standard multi-monitor mode is mirroring and due to the VGA1 ghost display also a system with one monitor and one monitor cable is already in multi-monitor mode.

syslog with drm.debug=0xe: