Comment 18 for bug 1029865

When I was looking around at Amazon I have found this user comment:

It is about the

Diablotek U310 All-in-One Atom Dual-Core D525 1.8GHz 2GB 500GB Ubuntu Linux Keyboard PC

This is a PC completely integrated in the keyboard (like the good old Commodore 64) qith Intel Atom and on-chip Intel 3150 (X3000 series) GPU.

The user reports the same problem with Ubuntu Precise as I am reporting here:

There is an odd thing about the computer's hardware. It reports a built in display of 1024x768. That display, of course, isn't there, but the chips supporting it remain on the motherboard. This means you will deal with a perpetual, dual, phantom display. It's easy enough to turn off the internal, non-existent display, but it's still odd.