Comment 58 for bug 1003309

the_nipper (robert-wirth-gmx) wrote :

hm, lvm and cryptsetup reside in initrd, since I can use them at initramfs-prompt:

initramfs> cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 lda
...enter password...
initramfs> exit
...boot cont'd...

So, theres no missing software. It's a logical problem.

Actually, after another

update-initramfs -v -k all -c

I see my lubuntu boot screen with blinking points but with NO input line for the crypt password. That remains for some more seconds as usual.

Then it falls down to initramfs prompt.

After manually cryptsetup and exit (see above), the boot continues and the boot screen flickers WITH the input line for the crypt password, but only for a second or less.

Then the lightdm screen appears and I can login.

This seems to me as if the sequence of steps is wrong, anyway: no input line first, but some timeout for decrypt? Input line thereafter when decrypt has been manually done.