Comment 3 for bug 1003090

Hi Daniel,

I took a look at enabling this. Unfortunately I noticed the depends line in the Kconfig as follows:

        bool "Battery level reporting for HID devices"
        depends on HID && POWER_SUPPLY && HID = POWER_SUPPLY

In the Ubuntu configs for Quantal, the following is set which does not satisfy the depends policy for HID_BATTERY_STRENGTH:

~/ubuntu-quantal/debian.master/config$ grep -rn "CONFIG_HID=" *
~/ubuntu-quantal/debian.master/config$ grep -rn "CONFIG_POWER_SUPPLY=" *

Is there a specific reason for depending on HID=POWER_SUPPLY?

I also noticed that the following upstream commit specifically notes issues with "recent userspace" which is why HID_BATTERY_STRENGTH has been defaulted to n because it's is causing problems on some systems. Have the userpace issues been resolved so we don't start breaking/regressing existing systems if we enable this?

commit 2198edddd8f0245d4c47419310c6cfb0f4e1a197
Author: Josh Boyer <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Apr 18 10:05:17 2012 -0400

    HID: default HID_BATTERY_STRENGTH to no

    Commit 4f5ca836b "HID: hid-input: add support for HID devices reporting
    Battery Strength" added the CONFIG_HID_BATTERY_STRENGTH option to report
    the battery strength of HID devices. The commit log explicitly mentions
    it not working properly with recent userspace, but it is default y
    anyway. This is rather odd, and actually causes problems on real

    This works around Fedora bug