Comment 42 for bug 144621

Hi, I got these errors too, so I managed to fix them repackaging the git HEAD of linux-ubuntu-modules package for gutsy (i383) updating iwlwifi sources to 1.2.0 and mac80211 sources to 10.0.2 (the latest available).

You can try my package simply downloading it from

If you want to build a package using your PC, simply download the attached patch and apply it to the git tree then use the standard packaging commands (or see debian/rules)

$ dmesg|grep wl
[ 23.260000] iwl4965: Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN driver for Linux, 1.2.0
[ 23.260000] iwl4965: Copyright(c) 2003-2007 Intel Corporation
[ 23.264000] iwl4965: Detected Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
[ 23.760000] iwl4965: Tunable channels: 13 802.11bg, 19 802.11a channels
[ 23.760000] wmaster0: Selected rate control algorithm 'iwl-4965-rs'