Comment 8 for bug 746137

Yes, this is directly related with the turbo_mode and the amount of memory needed when doing a RX transaction.

The two workarounds we have are:
 * Disable turbo_mode at the driver but affecting performance directly
 * Increase the amount of minimum free system memory in the kernel by writing the value at /etc/sysctl.conf

For the second option 8192 seems to fix most of the cases, as I've being building kernel the whole weekend and got only a few allocation errors. Setting it to 12288 seems to make it more than enough, as I didn't get any allocation error while using it.

As Beagle doesn't have a lot of memory already, I'd preferably go with 8192, that can fix most of the cases and still without decreasing ethernet performance.

This workaround could then be set by jasper.