Comment 32 for bug 633227

Sebastien JAN (sebjan) wrote :

@paolo: I don't think the memtester -p test is relevant: when using the -p option with the whole memory address-able by the kernel you can expect some kernel memory corruption (which you did verify actually):
Here is the memtester man entry for the -p option:
      -p PHYSADDR
              tells memtester to test a specific region of memory starting at physical address PHYSADDR (given in hex), by
              mmap(2)ing /dev/mem. This is mostly of use to hardware developers, for testing memory-mapped I/O devices and simi‐
              lar. Note that the memory region will be overwritten during testing, so it is not safe to specify memory which is
              allocated for the system or for other applications; doing so will cause them to crash. If you absolutely must test a
              particular region of actual physical memory, arrange to have that memory allocated by your test software, and hold it
              in this allocated state, then run memtester on it with this option.