Comment 5 for bug 129433

Ben Collins (ben-collins) wrote :

linux-source-2.6.22 (2.6.22-11.32) gutsy; urgency=low

  [Amit Kucheria]

  * Build system: Allow custom builds to comprise multiple patches
  * Move UME to a Custom build and add first setup of thermal framework

  [Ben Collins]

  * ubuntu: Enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IO_TRACE
  * bcm203x: Fix firmware loading
    - LP: #85247
  * ubuntu: mtd changes caused module renaming. Ignore
  * rt: Do not patch top level Makefile for SUBLEVEL. Will always end up

  [Chuck Short]

  * [USB] Unusual Device support for Gold MP3 Player Energy
    - LP: #125250
  * [SIERRA] Adds support for Onda H600 ZTE MF330
    - LP: #129433
  * [HDAPS] Add Thinkpad T61P to whitelist.
    - LP: #133636
  * [USB] Add support for Toshiba (Novatel Wireless) HSDPA for M400.
    - LP: #133650

  [Kyle McMartin]

  * apparmor 10.3 hooks
  * unionfs 2.1 hooks
  * nuke UNION_FS stuff from fs/{Kconfig,Makefile}

  [Tim Gardner]

  * Paravirt-ops I/O hypercalls
  * Fix lazy vmalloc bug for Gutsy
  * bluetooth headset patch
    - LP: #130870
  * Add the PCI ID of this ICH4 in list of laptops that use short cables.
  * v2.6.22.5 merge
  * Update Xen config options.
    - LP: #132726
  * Remove mtd modules from ABI
  * Support parallel=<n> in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
    - LP: #136426

  [Upstream Kernel Changes]

  * hwmon: fix w83781d temp sensor type setting
  * hwmon: (smsc47m1) restore missing name attribute
  * sky2: restore workarounds for lost interrupts
  * sky2: carrier management
  * sky2: check for more work before leaving NAPI
  * sky2: check drop truncated packets
  * revert "x86, serial: convert legacy COM ports to platform devices"
  * ACPICA: Fixed possible corruption of global GPE list
  * ACPICA: Clear reserved fields for incoming ACPI 1.0 FADTs
  * AVR32: Fix atomic_add_unless() and atomic_sub_unless()
  * r8169: avoid needless NAPI poll scheduling
  * forcedeth: fix random hang in forcedeth driver when using netconsole
  * libata: add ATI SB700 device IDs to AHCI driver
  * Hibernation: do not try to mark invalid PFNs as nosave
  * i386: allow debuggers to access the vsyscall page with compat vDSO
  * x86_64: Check for .cfi_rel_offset in CFI probe
  * x86_64: Change PMDS invocation to single macro
  * i386: Handle P6s without performance counters in nmi watchdog
  * i386: Fix double fault handler
  * JFFS2 locking regression fix.
  * [Input]: appletouch - improve powersaving for Geyser3 devices
  * [Input]: add driver for Fujitsu serial touchscreens
  * [sdhci]: add support to ENE-CB714
  * v2.6.22.5
  * [MTD] Makefile fix for mtdsuper
  * ocfs2: Fix bad source start calculation during kernel writes
  * NET: Share correct feature code between bridging and bonding
  * sky2: don't clear phy power bits
  * uml: fix previous request size limit fix
  * i386: fix lazy mode vmalloc synchronization for paravirt
  * signalfd: fix interaction with posix-timers
  * signalfd: make it group-wide, fix posix-timers scheduling
  * DCCP: Fix DCCP GFP_KERNEL allocation in atomic context
  * IPV6: Fix kernel panic while send SCTP data with IP fragments
  * IPv6: Invalid semicolon after if statement
  * Fix soft-fp underflow handling.
  * Netfilter: Missing Kbuild entry for netfilter
  * SNAP: Fix SNAP protocol header accesses.
  * NET: Fix missing rcu unlock in __sock_create()
  * SPARC64: Fix sparc64 task stack traces.
  * SPARC64: Fix sparc64 PCI config accesses on sun4u
  * TCP: Do not autobind ports for TCP sockets
  * TCP: Fix TCP rate-halving on bidirectional flows.
  * TCP: Fix TCP handling of SACK in bidirectional flows.
  * PPP: Fix PPP buffer sizing.
  * PCI: lets kill the 'PCI hidden behind bridge' message
  * PCI: disable MSI on RS690
  * PCI: disable MSI on RD580
  * PCI: disable MSI on RX790
  * USB: allow retry on descriptor fetch errors
  * USB: fix DoS in pwc USB video driver
  * usb: add PRODUCT, TYPE to usb-interface events
  * Linux
  * V4L/DVB (6042): b2c2-flexcop: fix Airstar HD5000 tuning regression
  * V4L/DVB (5967): ivtv: fix VIDIOC_S_FBUF:new OSD values where never set
  * Re-add _GTM and _STM support

 -- Ben Collins <email address hidden> Fri, 31 Aug 2007 16:26:56 -0400