Comment 467 for bug 88746

Testing a possible temporary solution. Try it if you are brave, although no problems experienced for me.

Try replacing the file "ehci_hcd.ko" which is located in

/lib/modules/<kernel version number>-generic/kernel/drivers/usb/host

With the same file from a kernel version that USB transfers work just fine for you.

For example, I replaced my file on the current system with the "ehci_hcd.ko" file from the live CD of Ubuntu v8.04.1, which I found in the following location:


I am in the middle of preliminary testing, but so far it seems to have fixed the problem for me using kernel 2.6.27-10. It seems to be giving me the same performance I get from the live CD in which transfers work just fine. Will report back later, hopefully someone else with this problem will try it out and let us know his/her experience.