Comment 54 for bug 88530

I'm having the same problem on a Sony PCG-Z600LEK. I cant even boot. I seem to recall being able to use 7.10 fine, but the message was always flooding the message log (and using the tty was impossible). I cannot install 8.4 - it hangs on the boot screen for a while, then drops to tty and floods it with debounce messages.

Im having the same issue with Mint (naturally since it's ubuntu based). I also have the problem with the latest Debian (although i installed just fine, but the system went down after an update - so it's probably kernel related). I'm going to try non debian distros like Fedora but i expect the same. I will also try using older versions although this bug is reported across multiple kernels and has cropped up in the past.

Im also getting:

usb 1-1.3: device not accepting address xx, error -71


device descriptor read/64, error -71.

I have no bluetooth in this laptop, have no usb devices attached and i have even tried opening it up and manually disconnecting the usb ports from the motherboard (so it's controller related) and the issue still remains. All the stuff about legacy etc... is useless as are all the kernel parameters. As of right now this laptop is a paperweight until this issue is resolved.