Comment 35 for bug 86798

Hareide (har-eide) wrote :

I have the same problem with my asus A8JS laptop. Tried ubuntu, knoppix, slackware, and freeBSD. All have the same problem, the link is'nt detected if you dont do a bounch of remove and re-add of the module.

The strange thing is that the knoppix live dvd I got, find's the link stight away (while booted from DVD). But after installing it onto the harddrive and booting from the harddrive, you have to do the "remove and re-add" procedure.

Have had some luck with the driver/module from the realtek site:

Not sure if its because you remove the 8169 module and then load the "realtec" 8168 module ..

I can imagine that the problem has something to do with the fact that this network card has the ability to "sense" if it being connected to devices with a regular or a crossed TP cable. (It just a feeling, probably not right).
Seems that every one with this problem has a laptop. Maby theres an difference between the pci version and the laptop version?

Hope someone can figure this out