Comment 65 for bug 116996

general workaround for the problem:
in my BIOS I can map SATA ports to the IDE ports, an I think this should work on other boards, too.
with this change , my system works fine with 2.6.20-16;

concerning performance, in a simple dd read test no difference can be seen.

anyway, this has other impacts:
1) you loose one IDE port and therefore two potential drive attachment slots;
2) I dual boot windows xp on this machine (shame on me), and I don't really want to face the troubles this could bear (means I didn't try too boot xp in this drive config)

concerning ubuntu stability, I have to stress that I'm very disappointed.
the 2.6.20-16 kernel update was shipped as a security update, if I remember right; under the hood changes of driver assignments to disk controllers came in -
who dares to change such fundamental things in a stable release?

Maybe we have a communication problem here and things weren't intentionally changed; in this case a little more verbosity from ubuntu kernel devs would be helpful.

Personally, considerung stability, I regret switching my desktop system from debian stable to ubuntu 7.04.
At the moment I feel I'd better switched to debian unstable....