Comment 5 for bug 108382

Hey Brian:

I was critical about the fact that this bug has escaped, and I have told
you why. Even though I am a simple user and not an Ubuntu employee, I am
concerned. That's because it is potentially damaging to Ubuntu's
reputation. I would like to see it fixed ASAP, and if necessary I am
prepared to continue giving up part of my weekend in order to carry it
forward. If you are prepared to do the same, then I am at your disposal.

Part of the problem here is perhaps the fact that Ubuntu engineers are
insufficently used to dealing with ordinary members of the public. In
fact, a real layman who was enthusiastic enough to report a bug of this
type would not even know that it was a PS2 mouse that was causing the
trouble, let alone have the capacity to cooperate in the way you tell me
your bureaucracy demands. He would simply say "My mouse no longer works
in Ubuntu. Please fix it." In fact, many real lay people would not
bother to get even that far, they would either go back to Windows or
seek another Linux distribution.

Unfortunately, known difficulty with the PS2 mouse has escaped into the
final version of Feisty Fawn. I shouldn't have happened, but it has. So
let's put it right as soon as we can, shall we?