Comment 32 for bug 108382

Joe (jvender) wrote :

I can confirm that this is a bug in Feisty final. I've also posted a note on bug #108221 since my particular computer uses the SiS chipsets which may be relevant.

After booting up the Ubuntu 7.04 final liveCD, my mouse pointer was inoperative. I can also confirm bug exists on Kubuntu 7.04 final on liveCD. I had no such problem when using 6.06 LTS versions of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu from either liveCD or full install to HDD.

I've attached the relevant logs which were requested. I reiterate the question that was asked by another person here, why is this taking so long to fix? That this made it into the final release is not good for Ubuntu's reputation, to say the least. As it is, Feisty is unusable for me as a desktop OS without a functional mouse. If I can provide any more needed info, please let me know, so a fix can be quickly put into the repositories. I not a developer, just a regular user, but I'll help any way I can.

By the way, since the liveCD that is out contains this bug, there are going to be tons of linux newbies who won't have a clue how to get the system upgraded and workable after a fix is put into the repos using just the keyboard and without a functional mouse. Ubuntu should immediately start offering a fixed Ubuntu CD, with a functional PS/2 mouse "out of the box" as soon as the fix is available. Additionally, Ubuntu should provide notice at the download site that users having the specific hardware (PS/2 mouse, SiS chipsets) that this bug is confirmed on will not have a working mouse upon system bootup. That way, Cononical can minimize the number of wasted CDs that will be shipped to users who can't use them. Just my $0.02 worth.