Comment 93 for bug 106864

I've run into this issue once again. Originally occured using a Feisty LiveCD, this time I'm using a final-release Gutsy LiveCD. System specs are same as before, and are as follows:

IBM eServer xSeries 232 (Type 8668-27X)
Dual P3 1.13GHz
1GB registered ECC-SDRAM
6 x 18.2GB IBM 10k u160 SCSI hard drives
nVidia Geforce FX 5200 PCI card (so as not to use the on-board ATI controller)

None of the fixes I've come across for this issue have worked, from simply inserting a floppy, to using 'break=top' with 'modprobe piix' then 'exit' (can't find the piix module anyway)... generic.all_generic_ide=1 on the CD boot line doesn't work, nor does any combination of acpi=off, noapic, irqpoll, etc, etc...

I was hoping this was taken care of in Gutsy, but it appears it hasn't been addressed. The last LiveCD that has booted and installed on this machine without issue was Edgy. I installed Edgy and then performed a dist-upgrade to Feisty. I'd like to perform a fresh install of Gutsy without going through the dist-upgrade nonsense. It shouldn't be necessary.