Comment 60 for bug 106063

FredBezies schreef:
> 19 duplicates are surely 19 or so idiots who are whining.
> Are you taking those persons for complete idiot and you the only really
> clever one ?
No, but the other ones didn't whine and stated they would switch to
Debian Etch because of a bug in a release that is still tested for bugs.
You did.

The key issue is this: if you want to have a stable distribution stay
out of the pre-release cycle. That will save you all disappointments. By
using Feisty now, even a week before the final release, you have joined
the group of alfa/beta testers whose primary purpose is to
find/stumble/crash into the bugs and report them. Complaining about the
bug and then saying goodbye to Ubuntu in exchange for Debian Etch,
well... that's for another forum.

Or I have to learn again computing after 18 years of computing.


Maybe, if you didn't know this could happen. I am involved in computing for 23 years and still learn new things.

Take care