Comment 48 for bug 106063

FredBezies schreef:
> Lucky ? In a way.
> I decided to move feisty to /dev/null. I am now using debian etch, maybe
> older and obsolete in some way, but I will be sure I won't face such
> badly rotten kernels !
> Bye ubuntu for the year and half with a such great OS, but you've lost
> my trust :(
Sorry, but this is a bit of nonsense. Feisty isn't even considered
stable yet, you are playing with something in the alpha stage. If you
can't stand the heat, stay away from the fire. Now, it's just whining
over something you should expect at this point. Comparing Feisty with
Debian Etch is unjust, both for Feisty and for Debian Etch.

Enjoy the ride.