Comment 151 for bug 63418

"Thanks for you comment brokencrystal. In the terminal output you've attached I can't see any mention of the ipw3945 driver. This bug is about that driver. If you don't use the ipw3945 driver then your bug is a different one. If that's the case please make a seperate bug report for your problems with bootup. From what you've said my guess would be that the computer is trying to boot from the SD card - but that discussion is for your bug report when it's ready. Thanks."

The reason that I left the reply about the SD card is because I originally (Scroll all the way up to the top of this bug report and you will see it) thought this was my bug, but later realized what was happening. I wanted to follow up so you were not wasting your time trying to figure this out on my machine when that was not really my problem to begin with.

I posted a bug report here for the SD card problem...

Maybe you can go there and help figure out the problem. That would be nice.

The laptop is not trying to boot to the SD card. This is not BIOS related as it boots half way through Ubuntu and then hangs with the CPU 0 Soft Lock or whatever it's called. Also, Vista boots fine from the DVD and the HD, but Ubuntu hangs if a card is in the built-in slot, which makes me believe the problem is in Ubuntu or the Linux Kernel itself.