Comment 186 for bug 43961

Hi people,

I have googled for this problem and I found that it isn't at all a
fault of the Ubuntu team, but rather a industry lack of respect to the
ACPI specification. The hardware manufacturers should follow this
standard closely, but they don't. It's a shame, and because of this
we're having all this trouble. The main problem is that they use many
differents non-standard DSDT tables, and the Linux distros in general
only follow the ACPI standard DSDT table. You can try a workaround on
this by finding your motherboard DSDT table and inserting it in your
distro configuration. I'd recommend these sites: (in portuguese)

Hope you all have some patience to try this. I'll try later cause I'm
upgrading to Feisty now.


Philipi Pinto