Comment 35 for bug 197209

I am quite the noob, but I was able to use DaveAbrahams' hack listed in the url above to successfully resume!

First, I did the chmod command given by Alex above, and then used that second command to copy the two files (after I renamed them once downloaded) to the two different folders as specified by Dave's message @ that URL.

The one issue is that the window boarders are not enabled upon resume. But a quick alt-F2 and typing "compiz" fixed that. It would be nice to not have to do this step, but I am tempted to not fiddle anymore now that I finally have resume working in linux!

My machine is a T60p with FireGL 5200 gfx. I am not running any extra beryl or compiz effects, just the enhanced option that comes stock w/Hardy.

Also, my machine is a Core Duo version 1. I don't know the command to check my CPU usage, so I can't give you guys that info.

Thanks a MILLION!