Comment 17 for bug 197209

After resume with compiz, when I ssh into my T60p running the 32-bit kernel with a FireGL v5200, I also get the 100% cpu problem.

When I wrote "I have various partially-working scripts for suspend.d/resume.d to address this" I meant to write that I have *found* such scripts on the web. See for a few of them. I tried to use that general approach to fixing the problem. Actually I have my own version of the suspend hook script that should be much more robust against things like X on displays other than :0 (attached), but have been completely unable to it to run automatically at suspend time. I'm utterly in the dark about why it isn't working, so if anyone can offer a solution, I'd appreciate it.
My script does seem to work around the problem if I run it from a plain root shell before suspending.