Comment 48 for bug 122703

Michael Rooney (mrooney) wrote :

Thanks Zac, I added it in the description.

Alexander, is there some way we could package current head and make a PPA, and call for testing? It shouldn't be impossible to get enough people to test it that we can see what regressions exist on common cards that already work, and see what new cards are supported. After initial testing and perhaps a few patches, we can put it in +1 and get further testing that way. It wouldn't necessarily be a small undertaking but, is there really a better solution, and might it not be worth it to attempt? I would not be averse to help leading this if it seems a worthy undertaking and others are interested. I don't have a great idea of how many different Atheros versions are supported, and what percentage of the non-functional ones fixed in head represent our users. As in, would this help 5% of Ubuntu users with Atheros, or 25%? Without a good idea of scope I don't know how important this bug is.