Comment 96 for bug 121653

I would just like to add my twopenneth to this by restating that I am successfully using the automatically-installed (big popup balloon pushing me towards restricted drivers straight after the main installation) along with the automatically installed Compiz Fusion.

The main point of my original summary email, which seems to have been missed by some, was the lack of warning to users about a known problem. Any "normal" person with an ATI card (I presume) will get the same bubble that I did about available restricted drivers, and will more than likely install whatever is recommended to them. Nowhere in that process is the user warned that if they do this, that their machine will lock up if they attempt to use suspend/hibernate. If people are warned at the time of installation, then they have a choice as to whether they wish to proceed or not.

This has now been mitigated to some extent by an entry in the release notes, although I doubt many people read that page. I still think that any entry should be put in the main information page's caveat list (where I note there is an entry about suspend problems with an Intel graphics chipset).