Comment 95 for bug 121653

michael37 (misha37) wrote :

@Timo Jyrinki.
"The closed, separetly installable fglrx drivers _do not support currently Compiz at all_, and those should not be used by users wishing to use 3D desktop." is a very misleading statement. I have observed a great effort by the Xgl team in Gutsy to automate detection of the fgrlx driver and enable 3D desktop with fully functional support of all Compiz plugins. If you are unfamiliar with Xgl, please see the link here:

In a nut shell, in Gutsy one needs to undo all Xgl and Compiz customizations for prior versions and uninstall/reinstall xserver-xgl and Compiz, and then start Compiz. That's it.

@Charl P. Botha
"I had suspend/resume, desktop effects AND accelerated 3D under Feisty, now I have to give up two of them to get suspend/resume working. BIG REGRESSION."
I second that sentiment.