Comment 294 for bug 121653

DaveAbrahams (boostpro) wrote :

Uh-oh. Like SixedUp I have: IBM Thinkpad T60p, with an ATI Mobility FireGL V5200, and I was really excited about the possibility of working suspend/resume in Hardy.

I just did a fresh install of hardy and made the POST_VIDEO and SAVE_VBE_STATE edits in /etc/default/acpi-support. Suspend works, but I get no display upon resume. Otherwise, the machine *appears* to be working.

Some possibly-relevant tidbits:

1. my current installation is on an LVM volume

2. I installed hardy on an external USB drive (actually an ipod 60G) a few days ago, and suspend/resume worked ... except that the drive disappeared upon resume, so you couldn't do anything. However, the display was visible.

  Is it even conceivable that the use of LVM or USB affects whether fglrx resumes properly?

3. Incidentally, suspend/resume *does* finally work on my old Dell inspiron 9300 using fglrx under Hardy.