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Hello Chad,

I hadn't got time yet to test with radeon driver. However, today I upgraded
my memory chips to 4GB and now I'm using no swap at all (!). With this
configuration I can perfectly resume after suspend with iowait at only 2-3%.
That's why I suspect that this bug has nothing to do with fglrx, and is more
related to kswapd.

I will recheck one of these days with radeon plus something to eat huge
chunks of memory.



On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 9:40 PM, Chad Johnson <email address hidden>

> Jaime,
> I asked the person who started that thread in the linux.kernel link, and
> he gave me the following response:
> -
> it seems to me that your issue might be completely different. Are you
> sure it isn't an issue in X and/or fglrx driver?
> If I were you, I'd boot the machine without X (not just kill X, fglrx
> must not have been loaded since the last power cycle), try
> suspend/resume from there and if the problem persists, it's likely that
> our issues are same. If it works when suspending form console, it's
> likely that it's just fglrx causing problems.
> In the meanwhile, I've got my laptop memory expanded and I also switched
> form fglrx to new xf86-video-ati and driver "radeon" which got support
> for modesetting recently, so so I unfortunately can't help you with fglrx.
> -
> I have not had time to try yet, but have you been able to reproduce this
> issue without the machine running X or fglrx loaded?
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> [gutsy] fglrx breaks over suspend/resume
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