Comment 274 for bug 121653

Chad Johnson (chad-d-johnson) wrote :


I asked the person who started that thread in the linux.kernel link, and he gave me the following response:

it seems to me that your issue might be completely different. Are you
sure it isn't an issue in X and/or fglrx driver?

If I were you, I'd boot the machine without X (not just kill X, fglrx
must not have been loaded since the last power cycle), try
suspend/resume from there and if the problem persists, it's likely that
our issues are same. If it works when suspending form console, it's
likely that it's just fglrx causing problems.

In the meanwhile, I've got my laptop memory expanded and I also switched
form fglrx to new xf86-video-ati and driver "radeon" which got support
for modesetting recently, so so I unfortunately can't help you with fglrx.

I have not had time to try yet, but have you been able to reproduce this issue without the machine running X or fglrx loaded?