Comment 261 for bug 121653

Yan Li (yanli) wrote :

Shoofy, I understand your situation. Suspend/hibernation is a very complex function and highly hardware-related. On my own machine I have to do some hacks to make it work flawless.

What I meant is that the problem mentioned in _this_ bug report is fixed. The problem here is that "suspend breaks on all machine running Ubuntu due to kernel/driver incompatibility." So as to my understanding, if the work on kernel side is done, with latest ATI driver shipped, that makes the suspend/hibernation on some users' machine possible, we can close this bug.

And I'm sure there's many other people's computer still can't suspend/hibernation with the latest kernel, then I think the best way to solve their problems is to *fill bugs for each special hardware* so they can talk with people with similar hardware and the problem would be handled in a more efficient and reproducible way. Like "suspend doesn't work on IBM ThinkPad X60" or "suspend doesn't work on Dell E1505."