Comment 236 for bug 121653

I've got the new ATI driver installed and it works just fine on my
Lenovo R60 with an x1400. Suspend and resume work as well. What's the
trick to getting Compiz to work now? And, will enabling Compiz break


On Wed, 2008-01-23 at 08:44 +0000, SixedUp wrote:

> Changes to /etc/default/acpi-support are limited to those recommended in thinkwiki (and earlier here). Namely I have reversed the following two settings, making them now read:
> POST_VIDEO=false
> Everything else is original, as it was installed by the Gutsy installer.
> My xorg.conf is also original, apart from the change to enable the fglrx
> driver rather than the vesa driver (my only other option). I've attached
> it anyway, hope that helps.
> ** Attachment added: "xorg.conf"

Clayton Taylor Dillard