Comment 221 for bug 121653

Phil Estes (estesp) wrote :

ATI released Catalyst 8.1 this morning (at least my RSS feed updated this AM with the news).. big claims in the readme:
 - Ubuntu 7.10 shown as supported
 - 2.6.23 suspend/resume issues (to ram or disk) fixed

I will be trying it out this morning, but if this is a winner, I hope that Ubuntu will take the time to update it's fglrx driver to this level--in this bug alone there has been enough anguish for ATI h/w users and suspend/resume. It also includes support for my hardware (Mobility T2) so it seems like Catalyst as of this release now has broad enough support to be a valid replacement for the Gutsy current fglrx. If nothing else, hopefully this will be in hardy-backports or some other reasonable location to get updates and not have a separate installation of the driver.

Oh..and for those who have mentioned the mess up with resolution (1680x1050 unsupported) that is claimed as fixed as well..