Comment 211 for bug 121653

Daddy_Cavy (cavy-thecave) wrote :

Hi, I have a T60p, wonderful machine, running a great OS, Gusty. But!!!! I followed all the helps, fixes etc and have come to the conclusion it's still broke.
I've upgraded from 8.37 to 8.44 and the resolution goes to 1280x1024(crappy), yes I've tried to manually set my monitor res etc, but vbe and ddc are built into the fglrx driver and there is no way to turn it off on 8.44 and I get suspend/hibernation perfectly, or I can stay with 8.37 and have great 1680x1050 res but no suspend/hibernation.

Gee what a dilemma, so I'm stuck.

So I guess I'm looking for someone who has got one solution on a T60p working well.
Pls help Obi-wan, your our only help... SW IV :-)