Comment 196 for bug 121653

stevieh (stevieh) wrote :

AFAIK everything has been said since a long time. Either the kernel configuration has to be changed or the fglrx (closed source) driver from ATI/AMD has to be changed. I am still wondering why the kernel configuration is not changed as I guess there are really many ATI gfx chipset users out there with laptops. Is there a reason for that?

Meanwhile you could fix the standby issue it by

a) Changing from SLUB to SLAB in the kernel konfiguration and rebuild the kernel (and of course all the restricted modules). For me a good starting point was (with the additional change from SLUB to SLAB) but you should understand what you are doing before you start on it...

b) use the radeonhd driver (which I was not able to manage, but it sound not too promising right now)

c) use unaccelerated drivers (which is really a pain)

So, I went out for a) and everything works fine since then. Of course I have to pin now all kernel related stuff until the issue is solved in gutsy or hoary or whatever...

Oh and before someone starts to complain about giving non bug related support in this list here: yes, I know :-)