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I had the exact same issues. Uninstalling and reinstalling using .deb packages solved them.

Also, removing xgl via apt-get helped too.

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Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 17:24:51
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Subject: [Bug 121653] Re: [gutsy] fglrx breaks over suspend/resume

ah, you guys misunderstood me. When I said "choppy video" I didn't mean
choppy video in video player, I meant choppy video in general. Maybe
the term "choppy video" is the wrong term to use. If I tried to move an
open window, it would respond extremely slow, the movement of the window
was "choppy" as in I could see the window first in one place, then half
a second later, it would be in a different part of the screen. So
something was obviously very wrong with my installation. Furthermore,
if I typed fglrxinfo in console, it would restart xwindows (not reboot).
Something went even more wrong the next time I tried to install the ati
catalyst driver, I couldn't even log in. Every time I tried to log in,
my laptop would reboot. I had to boot in recovery mode and remove the
driver, sigh...

[gutsy] fglrx breaks over suspend/resume
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