Comment 8 for bug 85449

I have a serious problem with using Feisty, since

1) The "nv" driver doesn't allow me to play any 3D games, use GL screensavers, or run XGL and Compiz. This is a serious regression from Edgy, and to be honest it's a showstopper for me. If it can't be fixed, I'll stay with Edgy.

2) The nvidia 1.0-96** drivers display random garbage, probably-sensitive information from other users, and are the cause of random system crashes.

3) The nvidia 1.0-8776 drivers, the latest version of nvidias driver to run properly on my hardware, does not compile on Feistys kernel. There is a patch available from nVidia for compiling 1.0-8776 on 2.6.19 kernels, but I was unable to compile it for Feisty's 2.6.20 kernels.

I understand that this is most likely an nVidia-problem, since I get the same graphics mess when I compile the driver from I also understand that the driver is closed-source and Ubuntu has about no way to properly fix it.

However, may I kindly request that a working package of 1.0-8776 be made available on Feisty's repositories? I'm sure the build problems with 1.0-8776 and Feisty's kernel can be overcome if Canonical gets in touch with nVidia on the issue. We now know of at least two machines on which 1.0-96** has serious issues.